BioRez Meta Health Analyzer NLS Intro

Introducing the Biorez Meta Health Analyzer, a revolutionary wellness tool. Built on the research and development of Dr. Rife, Dr. Nesterov and many others, this bioresonance innovation offers powerful insights into health.  Accurately Identify parasites, toxins, heavy metals, allergens, emotions and other causes of disease.  The scanning is fast, subtle and non-invasive which is ideal for children and the elderly.  It is capable of bio-energetic therapy known as META-therapy.
The Remote Resonant Chamber is used to conduct remote scans and META-therapy with DNA.  There is an In depth aura and chakra analysis.  Prepare homeopathic remedies with the remedy preparation function. This is a tool that offers both diagnosis and solutions.
Posted on June 7, 2019 by nanosacred