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Everything including living organisms vibrate and are thus quantifiable and identifiable as unique frequency oscillations. This is the essence of “BioRez”.


Bioresonance Technology is a QUANTUM Leap in this regard

Extensive studies have been conducted on bioresonance technologies since Raymond Rife discovered the mortal oscillatory rate (MOR) in 1931. He exposed bacterias and viruses to electromagnetic frequencies and discovered that each microbe and virus had a particular frequency that it was vulnerable to.  As a result, today there is an established and evolved practice of analyzing and reinforcing the energetic health of the biofield. Bioresonance Tek enables convenient, accurate and non-invasive diagnosis, monitoring, forecasting and therapy.

The principle that makes this possible is magnetic resonance which is defined as the absorption or emission of electromagnetic radiation in response to the application of certain magnetic fields. 


This is the next level in non linear system (NLS) technologies.  This bioresonance system contains an extensive  database of topics for detection and analysis including microorganisms, heavy metals/toxins, pathology, biochemical homeostasis, allergens, nutrients, emotion matrix, biofield/chakras, Electrosmog and many more. There are over 5000 etalons to choose from. 

A Brief Demonstration of the BioRez Technology in Action



The principles of bioresonance gave rise to the ability to detect and correlate a wide spectrum of biological frequencies to help identify root causes of energetic imbalances.  The Biorez Meta is capable of visualizing risks and forecasting disease before it noticeably manifests in the body. It can measure resonant biological frequencies, virtualize the effects and predict outcomes using bioresonance principles. 


There is a weak electromagnetic field that surrounds every living being. This biofield or biological field, is a complex organizing energy field engaged in the generation, maintenance, and regulation of biological homeodynamics. This analysis offers valuable insights into the overall energetic state of the biofield as well as each individual chakra.


The biofield can be influenced energetically with magnetic resonance. The Biorez Meta has a frequency correction function called Meta-Therapy.  A series of bioresonant frequencies characteristic of healthy organs are sent through special bio-inductors to counteract distorted pathological vibrations correlated with disease and dysfunction. Through this action of bioresonance, the frequency of the organs can trend towards this input signal of bioresonant frequencies. If a disease is early in materializing, this modality can be quite effective.


The BioRez Meta software contains a database with a vast array of biological frequencies, known as etalons, to help identify root causes of energetic imbalances. These etalons may represent pathogenic microorganisms (worms, protozoa, bacteria), toxic heavy metals, pathologies, emotions and so on. Distortion and imbalance can be quantified and eliminated.


Is your current food regimen compatible with your body and biofield? Make informed decisions on what to eat based on bioresonance. What resonates, what doesn’t and why. Incompatibility may result in antiresonance leading to allergies, discomfort and dysfunction.


The Biorez Meta is suitable in many settings including:  personal and family use, doctors, clinics, schools, sanitoriums, sports and recreation facilities, spa and cosmetic centers, wellness and retreat centers, health coaching and many more.

Tesla’s Logic on Biological Resonance


Electromagnetic Biology

As we unfold the layers of reality, we find electromagnetism at the core. This includes biological organisms.  this discovery has lead to the field and application of biofeedback and bioresonance. The fundamental concept in the development was the hypothesis that the human body has an electromagnetic information framework that is able to respond to external radiation.  This hypothesis has been proven to be true.  The positive implications for health are many including: 


An invaluable tool to chart progress and ensure success.


A full field diagnostic scan can take as little as twenty minutes.


Simple and familiar use of headphones and hand-holds for detection and therapy.


Local and remote research is possible.


Sweep parasites away

The Enso Bioresonance Sweeper helps eliminate parasites and pathologies. It is a small, light weight and weatherproof generator of pre-programmed electromagnetic frequencies delivered through hand holds, foot plates, gel pads, inductive cables and near field technology. These frequencies are tuned to the pathogens or pathologies.  This ingenious use of resonance effectively targets and overwhelms the invaders allowing the body’s natural defenses to take over.


The device combines Dr. Rife and Dr. Clark Technologies – essential to effective bioresonance balancing.


633 frequency programs come


Navigation in multiple languages is simple on the colour touchscreen.


Additional programs can be uploaded with the Life Commander software


Feedback for Biofeedback

Many people have received benefit from our project, these are some of the highlights

The Medical System is broken…

Dr. Kieren Kuykendall
Received via Dropbox on April 19th, 2022

Our family is in deep gratitude…

Stephan and Sarah Subero
Received via Telegram Messenger Jun 8th, 2021

All good results so far

I have been using the sweeper every day for the past few months. I have had some good results and have some feedback…. So, first thing, tennis elbow, resolved with one treatment which I’m thrilled about. I have metabolic syndrome (genetic) high blood pressure, high cholesterol, insulin resistance, pre diabetic. Known about for 14 years. High blood pressure since I was a child. Anxiety which I thought was from the high bp. I made a calendar of treatment protocols to help remind myself of daily treatments. Been doing the work faithfully every day. We just relocated to Florida and my appointment with my new doctor brought new insight. She diagnosed me with anxiety disorder (which I thought was a symptom of high bp even though I took medication). My goal is to correct and eliminate meds. I have been doing hypertension sweeper for 3 months, no results. I decided to try internal anxiety treatment a few days ago, amazing results. My bp is starting to improve immediately. Never realized that’s what the source was. I don’t take any other medications and am hoping to avoid and eliminate all medications. I hope to improve and reduce/eliminate bp meds. I’ve worked with a homeopathic doctor last 10 years who couldn’t figure out the source. I have so much other work to do, but I’m doing the work every day and should have some new results to report when my blood work comes back. My brother, mother, grandmother all diabetic. We also have thyroid issues in my family. My thyroid only functions at 12-38%. I will work on that once I complete my 3rd session of 21 days of diabetes treatments. I’ve done some eyesight improvement treatments with great results as well!!! All good results so far! I’ll update you as I see positive results. Thank you so much

Christi M.

via Telegram Messenger Text Message February 25, 2022

Long term skin problems solved

My sister has suffered terribly for years with skin problems on her hands. She has been to specialists and was undiagnosed. The Biorez Meta detected allergic dermatits and when we checked allergies it showed oranges high on the list. She had been eating an orange every day. It has been less than 2 weeks and she is almost healed!  This alone was worth the price!

Genevieve Bondy
via Telegram Messenger Text Message on May 31st, 2022

Working with Huf & Biorez was an eye opening experience which brought my attention to health concerns I was not even aware of. This led me down a path to full health recovery by addressing deep underlying health issues the western medicine system fails to identify: parasites, mold, heavy metals, and chemical toxins. I now have more energy and feel better than I did in my 20s!”

Vishal A.

via Telegram Messenger Text Message March 24, 2022

Im finding it really interesting that your scanner picked up something in my lungs. At the time i said no i feel fine although i know lungs hold grief. For 3 weeks now other than a couple of days pulling myself out of bed i have been bed ridden especially this last week, hardly able to breath and no energy. I have never grieved so much as these past few weeks and am seeing that this machine can read what your body is going through way before it shows its self. I now have so many questions im asking myself, “What comes first Body or Mind?”

Alison M.

Good evening, i wanted to thank you for your presence, time , insight, and wisdom. Yesterday was such a beautiful day. What a gift you and your family are!

Alia Alawi

via Whatsapp Text Message July 23, 2020

Thanks so much for this. I just went over all the results. I’m inspired and feel more clarity on where to focus. What awesome technology! I can’t wait to learn more and feel inspired to invest in it. Thanks Huf! All my best to you.

Sophia P.

via Telegram Messenger Text Message on July 11, 2019


Bioresonance can be especially helpful in diagnosing problems before they spread throughout your body and cause significant issues. Additionally, bioresonance therapy can alter harmful or unhealthy wavelengths and bring you a healthier frequency for optimal whole-body wellness.

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