Czaplinek, Poland

Bioresonance Diagnostics Explained

Major Breakthrough in Health

Welcome to a new era of energetic medicine. As we unfold the layers of reality, we find electromagnetism at the core. New tools allow us to diagnose and offer guidance of self serving solutions in the pursuit of elevation and expansion of your being. We always start at the root chakra and move our way upwards so as to balance and harmonize the bio field resulting in an enhanced and much more coherent interaction with all that is.

Finding Balance Today

In this modern reality our vessels are exposed to many sources of toxicity and low vibration manifestations most of which are intentional. The result is an out of balance vessel compromised by parasites, heavy metals, pesticides, nutritional deficiency and stagnation. It is essential to gauge this balance and wholeness with a degree of precision and accuracy to overcome the imbalances.  Therapeutic devices developed with repeatable results are very effective at improving health in many ways.


spectral analysis

By analyzing the input and output signals, many details about the body are decoded. This type of analysis is automatically done by the software thus providing an automation tool suitable for health diagnosis. 

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