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ENSO AM SCAN Bioresonance System

ENSO AM SCAN Bioresonance System

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Enso Electronics produces this bioresonance device, which belongs to the class of bio-electroacupuncture instruments.  It is an EAV (Electroacupuncture according to Dr. Voll’s Method) device that relies on programmed testing.


ReliableFastConvenientComprehensive Bio-energetic Testing

Take your health to the next level with the clinically proven bioresonance techniques of the AM SCAN by ENSO Electronics. Portable and compact, this invaluable tool is easy to setup and use. This well-engineered hardware and software-based system will run on just about any modern computer. “ENSO” has been a world leader in bioresonance innovation for more than 20 years. Born out of the founder’s own healing from bioresonance technologies, the small team is constantly testing and improving these life-changing devices. The devices are built by skilled and experienced technicians by hand in Poland to benefit people everywhere.

The AM SCAN is an EAV (Electroacupuncture according to Dr. Voll’s Method) device that relies on programmed testing. Modern computerized technologies and know-how based on advanced research in the scope of sciences such as physics, biomedical engineering, and medicine were used to develop this system. Programmed testing is a convenient, non-invasive technique that provides a plentitude of information for an individual when electroacupuncture methods are applied. The tested individual holds a passive electrode in one of their hands, and the testing individual conducts tests on the fingers or toes using an active probe.

Who Can BenefitLearn From this Technology?

The ‘AM Scan’ instrument is intended to be used by everyone. It may also be helpful, among others, for the professions of dieticians and cosmetologists (in the scope of the selection of diets, care products, and supplements), as well as in the area of paramedical activity of bioenergy therapists, herbal healers, physiotherapists, and other practitioners.

Diagnostic Capacities

The innovative capacities of electroacupuncture using the Voll and Vega Test methods make it possible to conduct the manual tests of the energy states of biologically active spheres (BAS) along meridians.
the degree of influence exerted by the bio-pathogenic factors of the environment on the organism and geo-pathogenic, radioactive, and electromagnetic defects
check the general energy of the organism and determine its adaptive capacities in a given situation
determine the probability of the occurrence of medical conditions connected with hereditary predispositions
determine the hidden psychological causes of deformations in the electromagnetic field (uncertainty, anxiety, regret, complexes, depression, stress, anger, etc.)
reveal the state of energy deficiencies and excesses
determine the degree
of intoxication of the organism – determine the state of the energy deficiencies and excesses
in the system
determine the cause of the chain of energy disorders in the organism
Check the tolerance of food products, prosthetics, orthopedic materials, cosmetics, jewelry, amulets, stones, etc.,
determine the biological age of the entire organism and of particular organs and sites
determine the degree of effectiveness of preparations such as supplements, herbal tinctures and so on.
improve the state of the biofield as well as the mood of an individual

Smart Modular Design4 main modules that comprise the AM SCAN device


Voll + Vega-test Method




Bioresonance Therapy

These modules are offered in 3 configurations for a wide range of needs and experience levels

Express Test Version
“E”E + BRT Modules

Express Method
Bioresonance Therapy

Voll Vega Version “VS”V + S Modules

Voll Method
Vega-test Method
Electronic Selector

Voll Vega Version “EVBS”E + V + BRT + S Modules

Express Method
Voll Method
Vega-test Method
Electronic Selector
Bioresonance Therapy

The Software Interface


24 Month WarrantyInvestment Protection

The main device (host unit) is warranted against defects in quality.

The warranty does not apply if the device is:
– damaged or broken by contact
– disassembled or modified
– improper use

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 21 × 18 × 8 cm

E (Express Method), VS (Voll+Vega), EVBS (All)