Czaplinek, Poland

TESLA TURBINE | What happened?

Signup for your FREE trial to The Great Courses Plus here: Subject Zero Patreon… Not everyone knows this, but Tesla had a lifelong dream of being the first man to fly, of course, with an electric airplane. Little did he know that it would take decades for electric powered airplanes to come true and no, he was not the first man to fly. But the dream was there, and he even patented schematics for an eclectically powered aerial transportation system to which I did my best to make this 3D model, so you my dear viewer can see it in detail. Now, today we can spot many problems with his designs, but this was an idea that started taking shape back in 1886 which sort of justifies it. Nevertheless, he got the patent in 1921 where he goes into detail describing this mode of transportation. The cool thing about it is that his machine allowed for vertical and horizontal takeoff except that vertical takeoff would most likely not work, but the again helicopters would only become a thing in 1936. Ok, cool but what does this have anything to do with his turbine? How on to your lunch my dear viewer cause things are about to get interesting. References………… Tony Bowden / CC BY-SA (…) All Animations are done in house with Blender EEVEE by Zer0 NOTE: The animations in my videos take a substantial amount of time to make, so please be patient. I am trying to get a video per week, but some times it takes longer.


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