Czaplinek, Poland

Why This Tesla Coil CHANGES EVERYTHING (HUGE 3D Lightning)

Visit to get started for free and get 20% off your annual subscription, then build yourself a Tesla Coil! I built a pancake SSTC, and it’s terrifying! This was a pivotal point in my passion for plasma. After a full month of construction, involving the input from two experienced individuals, i’ve created the ultimate Tesla coil. Also, RIP to all the IGBTs. Sorry but not sorry. Link to the commercial tesla coil: #Tesla #Lightning #DIY Thank you to Zach Armstrong from @LabCoatz ! YT:… Thank you to Joe Diprima from @ArcAttack! YT:… Tesla Coil kits: And dont forget @Joel Creates . You were the glue of this video, brother. YT: Support / Follow Plasma Channel on: Patreon: Twitter: Facebook:… Instagram: Plasma_Channel_Official ======================= ***Music credits*** ====================== Title screen music: Song: Sappheiros – Awake Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music. Creative Commons – Attribution 3.0 Unported Video Link: All other music purchased through Epidemic Sounds licensing I am also a television actor! Follow me on IMDB My IMDB:


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