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Life Force Measured & Defined: Key to Nutrition, Architecture AND Lucid Dreaming w Dan Winter

Life Force Measured & Defined: Key to Nutrition, Architecture  AND Lucid  Dreaming , with Dan Winter,… (view keynote slides also at link) Lecture in our series with GENERATION ZED . Implosive Charge Collapse: Prelude to Heavenly ARRAY Physics of Lucid Dreaming, Death Success .. and ALL Portals / Stargate (related our new film: Physics of Stargate & Portals with Elena Danaan – ) 20 years  of  professional success in  measuring life force, and commercializing exactly  that globally-( in EEG, in water , & plasma -now in 25 countries)  including proof by published equation  exactly  HOW life  force is quantized  by fractal conjugation  to planck .. 3 ways life force is measured in bio architecture -international bio architects team SOOOO… what differentiates the (fractal / conjugate) implosive charge collapse plasma vortex which CAUSES and DEFINES / QUANTIZES – LIFE FORCE… …. from: * the cause of gravity, hydrogen spectra… vs * cause of color / rainbows visible light spectra… vs * cause of perception / vision..… * AND BLISS! – – )ALL the same PRINCIPLE – the difference is… THE FREQUENCY SIGNATURE / SPECTRA:HOW Broad spectral is the phase conjugate/ fractal frequency field charge collapse… see how in the following- specifically:0 to about 40 hz golden ratio cascade spectra – DEFINES:* Schumann Harmonics for life in nature/ trees /seeds / GAIA* EEG Harmonics for BLISS/ Peak Perception * EKG Power spectra defining LOVE/ Compassion / Coherent Emotion – * AND the Infrasound which drives Theraphi and pyramid wireless global power

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