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Bioenergetic Testing

Bioenergetic Testing

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Bioresonance Diagnostics is the missing key to modern day wellness and a crucial first step in overcoming health issues. Personal and accurate information about the biofield and the state of the body are essential. By isolating resonant frequencies within the biofield, this research method can detect and correlate a wide spectrum of biological frequencies. This can help identify root causes of energetic imbalances.


This is an in-depth research of the biological information field (biofield) using the Bioresonance Diagnostic capabilities of the BIORez Meta and the AM SCAN Health Analyzers.

A qualified and trained practitioner will perform a non-invasive detailed investigation of the biofield. By isolating resonating frequencies within the biofield, these methods can detect and correlate a wide spectrum of biological frequencies, known as etalons or markers. This can help to identify root causes of energetic imbalances. These etalons may represent pathogenic microorganisms (worms, protozoa, bacteria) pathologies, heavy metals, common toxins, electro-smog, emotions, nutrition, and many more markers.

The Biorez Meta can visualize risks, forecasting pathology and adaptation before it noticeably manifests in the body. It can measure resonant biological frequencies, virtualize the effects and predict outcomes using bioresonance principles. This spectral analysis can be applied to the body’s systems including (but not limited to) the digestive, respiratory, circulatory, urogenital, endocrine and nervous system. The practitioner reviews the data and prepares reports of the results they deem to be of most importance and priority.

      •  Accurately determine important frequencies resonating in your field
      • Quick, easy, and discreet
      • Available to everyone everywhere

We offer a local live session:

      • A hands on experience of bioresonance technologies
      • An opportunity to view an in-depth demonstration of the system
      • Learn about this modern miracle technology first hand
      • Access Meta-therapy
      • Local face-to-face interactions
      • Mobile visits are possible depending upon location and are primarily for festivals, retreats, wellness centers and families.  Please contact us and make a request.

We also offer a worldwide remote analysis:

      • You send us your biological samples and we will analyze your bio-field remotely using the Remote Quantum Meta Black Box and the Biorez META
      • Send your samples from anywhere in the world to our lab

Types of inspections available:

Microorganisms (aka parasites, pathogens) – check for the presence of acute/chronic infections and active parasites in the body.  126 different types of microorganisms can be identified.

Download the complete Microorganism Test Items Listing here

Some of the main microorganisms tested include:

  • bacterias – borrelia (lyme disease), e coli, h pylori, kingella, salmonella, staphylococcus, streptococcus, toxoplasma, mycoplasma, ureaplasma
  • fungus – aspergillus, candida, mucor, cryptococcus
  • protozoa – giardia, histolytica, leishmania, entamoeba
  • worms and helminths – ascaris, roundworm, fluke, hookworm, pinworm, threadworm, trichinella, tapeworms
  • Viruses – are not considered to be parasites or pathogens as the word virus means poison.  A virus is an indication of damaged cells in the body caused by parasites, pathogens, chemicals, radiation and other toxins. These damaged cells are known as exosomes.  Depending upon the type of tissue and location, their frequency varies and thus are identified within this system as: coronavirus, adenovirus, AIDS, cytomegalovirus, ebola, epstein barr, hepatitis, herpes, influenza, rhinovirus, rotavirus.

Pathology – check for the presence of disease and injury conditions currently taking place.  667 different types of pathologies can be identified.

Download the complete Pathology Test Items Listing here.

Allergens – check for the presence of allergic elements including chemicals, drugs, foods, heavy metals, household.  181 different types of allergens can be identified.

Download the complete Allergen Test Items Listing here.

Toxins – check for the presence of toxins including alcohol, caffeine, carbon monoxide, chemicals, dairy, drugs, food, gluten, injury, other metals, radiation, sugar, tobacco.  30 different types of toxins can be identified.

Download the complete Toxin Test Items Listing here.

Foodfrom a list of 230 test items, this topic can identify beneficial foods specific to your field and present conditions. if there is a strong response to certain foods then this can signify deficiencies and foods that your body can benefit from.  230 different types of foods can be identified.

Download the complete Food Test Items Listing here.

Nutritional Data – from several complete lists of items, this topic can identify beneficial vitamins and minerals specific to your field and present conditions.

Emotional Matrix – from a list of hundreds of items, this topic can identify emotions that are occurring and re-occurring in the body and since emotions affect health, this is an important diagnosis to perform.

The Process:

Upon completion of your live session or receipt of your DNA samples, we will complete the investigation within 5 business days. You will receive three reports as follows, please click on each one to download an example:

BIOREZ Research Lab Results Report: This is the main report where the findings of the investigation are detailed. The information is organized by body system and organ.

BIORez Research Lab Results Chronic Scans: This report lists organs and sites that are in a chronic state of imbalance.  This report is helpful to determine which areas require attention.  In combination with the other two reports, an insightful picture may emerge to formulate a course of action and treatment.

BIORez Research Lab Results Aura Analysis: This report visualizes the energy field and is helpful to explore energetic disturbances, outcomes and correlations with the diagnosis on the physical body.  The report can help identify if any chakras are in need of attention and how they connect to physical manifestations of that imbalance. This is helpful for longer term reformation from bad habits, traumas, low frequency emotions to enjoy a lasting wellness from the unseen to the seen.


REFERENCE GUIDE for BIOREZ Lab Results: Use this guide to interpret your results and to apply the solutions we recommend.



This service does not include coaching or guidance.  If you are interested in receiving wellness guidance please see our Wellness Package Phase 1 Detox which can be ordered together with this service or at any time after.

This is not a medical service or examination.


Ordering Instructions for In-person Diagnostics:

Step 1: Complete the BIORez Diagnostics Lab Test Request form.

  • We will review your information and respond to your request
  • If all is in order, we will send you instructions to arrange an appointment at one of our locations

Step 2: Complete your online order.

  • Once you have received your appointment confirmation, you can return to this page and complete your order
  • You may choose to pay online, bank transfer/cash prior to your session

Step 3: Visit us to perform the Bio-scan in person.

  • Try to be fifteen minutes early for your appointment
  • The session will last up to one hour
  • Remove all metal objects on your body prior to the session
  • Turn your mobile phone on airplane mode
  • Try not to eat within two hours of your session
  • Drink plenty of water before and after

Ordering Instructions for Remote Diagnostics:

Step 1: Complete the BIORez Diagnostics Lab Test Request form.

  • We will review your information and respond to your request.

Step 2: Send your DNA Sample by post or courier.

  • If all is in order, we will send you a biological samples request that will include shipping instructions and an address to send your samples to.

Step 3: Complete your online order.

  • Once we have received your samples, you can return to this page and complete your order
  • This service will not commence until we have received your order and payment

Additional information

Test Topics

Microorganism, Pathology, Emotion Matrix (MPE), MPE + Allergens, Toxins, Heavy Metals (MPEATH), MPEATH + Nutritional Analysis


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