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Wellness Package Phase 1 Detox

Wellness Package Phase 1 Detox

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This Detox Wellness Package contains tools for cleansing and detoxification.  It is a validated solutions based custom tool developed from your Bioresonance Diagnostics Standard Test.

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This Detox Wellness Package is comprised of the following elements:

Custom Detox Wellness Guide and Blueprint: Drawing from our research and experience, this electronic PDF guide will include:

    • Detox Guide: An in-depth explanation of the results on your bio-scan.
    • Detox Blueprint: A comprehensive and highly evolved complete blueprint to positively affect your health and the results of your bio-scan.
    • Solutions Directory: A detailed list of validated remedies and solutions complete with educational resources, procedures, costs, online purchase options and more.
    • Targeted Protocols: Using the Solutions Directory, we give you sequential schedule to follow for a particular pathogen such as giardia, h pylori, worms and so on.

Online Live Support: Receive wellness coaching on a private livestream on Jitsi . We can help to motivate, answer questions and make suggestions.  Direction and emotional support can be important.  When you order you can choose how many minutes to include.  Subsequent online support can be purchased here as well.


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