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Electrosmog Solutions

Electrosmog has become a major public health concern. It is abundantly apparent that EMF and ionizing radiation negatively impact health when the bio-field is analyzed with the BIORez Meta Health Analyzer. The main causes detected originate from electrical installations, radar and wireless electronic devices (mobile phones, tablets). These energies stick in your biofield and they…
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Remote Therapy Now Available

We are happy to announce that we have added the REMOTE QUANTUM META BLACK BOX DNA-RNA to our bio-resonance line-up. This device is capable of remote diagnosis and therapy, replacing the Remote Resonant Chamber we offered that was able to conduct remote diagnosis but not therapy. How far does it reach? The device has been…
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Product Update Enso Sweeper

Enso Electronics has announced to us that their very successful Parasite Sweeper has been updated with a modern touch screen interface and USB-C quick charging.

Worldwide Water Contamination: Giardia Lamblia

Giardia lamblia is a flagellated parasitic microorganism. Giardia infection occurs worldwide and is the most common parasite, especially in the United States and Canada. Unlike information you may find on other sites, through our bioresonance examinations, we have found the energetic imprint of this parasite to be present in several different organs in many of…
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