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ENSO Induction Mat

ENSO Induction Mat

US$ 400.00

  • EUR: € 366.88

Enso Electronics offers a groundbreaking bioresonance mat as an upgrade for the Sweeper. Made with high-quality materials, the cushion emits a low-intensity electromagnetic field, providing a more immersive experience than the standard induction cable. This innovation enhances therapy sessions, particularly for significant imbalances.


A Potent New Add-on for the ENSO Sweeper

Bioresonance therapy has never
been so good and so easy
This is No Ordinary MatThis is the latest bioresonance innovation from Enso Electronics. It is a must-have upgrade for the hugely popular Sweeper, an easy-to-use BRT device.

Made from high-quality polymers and strong stitching, this double-sided, comfortable yet durable cushion emits a low-intensity electromagnetic field up to 1 meter on both the green and grey side of the mat. Due to its position, the field is more immersive and robust than the induction loop that comes standard with the Sweeper. This can result in more effective therapy sessions, especially where more significant imbalances exist.
Compatible With All Sweeper VersionsThe mat was designed to work with all versions of the Sweeper, including the original Sweeper, Sweeper Plus, Sweeper CT, and Sweeper CT2.
Plug ‘n PlayThe mat comes with a heavy-duty braided cable to connect to the sweeper’s 3.5mm audio input.


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