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BIOREZ AM SCAN Software Demo
Short demo video of the AM SCAN Softare made by Enso Electronics
What are the differences in our 3 iTeraCare devices
By Doctor Sheila Day If you are interested in ordering your own device and/or become a ...
Introducing the iTeraCare Therapy Device (Blower)
A quick product intro to the Iteracare Terahertz Bioresonance Technology aka Magic Wand "If ...
BIORez Wellness Testimonal of Dr. Kieren Kuykendall
Helping a fellow healer and friend is a great feeling. Both the Biorez Meta and the H2 Genesys ...
BIORez Wellness Testimonial Stephan Subero
A very positive outcome from a beautiful family seeking better health and a better life for the ...
We've Found The Magic Frequency (This Will Revolutionize Our Future)
Nikola Tesla Was Right! "We've Found The Magic Frequency" ***SUBLIMINAL PROGRAMS*** - ...
How Bioresonance Therapy works
Bioresonance Therapy Published on Jul 7, 2012 For more information
Rife / Active Resonance under a Microscope
Rife / Active Bioresonance - Under a Microscope. Application of induction loop - blasting the ...