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BIOREZ AM SCAN Software Demo
Short demo video of the AM SCAN Softare made by Enso Electronics
What are the differences in our 3 iTeraCare devices
By Doctor Sheila Day If you are interested in ordering your own device and/or become a ...
Introducing the iTeraCare Therapy Device (Blower)
A quick product intro to the Iteracare Terahertz Bioresonance Technology aka Magic Wand "If ...
How to do an Ozone Ear Insufflation
Ozone ear insufflations are the best way to introduce low amounts of ozone into the head. In ...
BIORez Wellness Testimonal of Dr. Kieren Kuykendall
Helping a fellow healer and friend is a great feeling. Both the Biorez Meta and the H2 Genesys ...
BIORez Wellness Testimonial Stephan Subero
A very positive outcome from a beautiful family seeking better health and a better life for the ...
Sun Gazing with HIRA MANEK Published on Sep 13, 2013 The complete process of sun gazing described by Hira ...
How Bioresonance Therapy works
Bioresonance Therapy Published on Jul 7, 2012 For more information
Rife / Active Resonance under a Microscope
Rife / Active Bioresonance - Under a Microscope. Application of induction loop - blasting the ...